Integrated Business Planning for Demand: “Forecast Better”

Delivering more accurate demand plans for better planning and execution processes

SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand is a total demand planning engine, which combines “traditional” mid-to long-term planning based on metrics with demand sensing models to get accurate forecasts for short-term planning .

The solution combines automated, exception-based planning processes and manual scheduling capabilities, accelerated by SAP HANA technology and supported by a user-friendly Microsoft Excel interface.

SAP integrated business planning for demand is part of the SAP Integrated business planning suite and can support total planning scenarios that can create full visibility in supply and demand, stock and supply to Support for strategic decisions. In addition, it is fully integrated with systems such as SAP ERP and SAP APO and can receive the necessary master and transactional data and then return the improved forecasts for further processing in, for example, APO SNP or ERP.

The challenges

  • Difficult to predict market
  • Fluctuation in supply and demand is increasing
  • Tight supply chains and demanding customers
  • Poor forecasts
  • Inefficient execution
  • Low service and large stock

Key added value

  • Demand Sensing (prediction and prognosis, pattern recognition)
  • Statistics forecasts
  • Collaborative collection Planning
  • Automated notifications to monitor situations where targets are not met


  • Integrated Collection plan with the consensus forecasting process
  • Increase customer service, reduce ‘ out of stock ‘ and reduce transport costs due to accurate daily forecasts
  • Reduce supply targets by reducing forecast errors
  • Anticipation of abnormalities by means of built-in analyses

SAP IBP Solutions

The SAP IBP Suite consists of the following 5 components:

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