Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing is the production of various types of products. Cars, furniture, toys, smartphones and airplanes are examples of these products. The final products are easily recognizable and differ greatly from process manufacturing whose final products are undifferentiated as for example oil, natural gas and salt.

Discrete manufacturing is often characterized by individual or individual production units. Units can be produced in low volume with high complexity or high volumes with low complexity. Low volume/high complexity production results in a need for a highly flexible production system that can significantly improve quality and time-to-market while reducing costs. High volume/low complexity production sets high demands on inventory management, turnaround times and reducing or limiting material and waste costs.

High-tech industry

Having enough volume of a new product on the market faster than the competition Our solutions for high-tech give you the ability to continuously innovate and develop new business models for sustained, profitable growth.

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Discrete Industry

Companies in the manufacturing industry are faced with increasing challenges. Products are becoming more diverse. Specifications are becoming more complex. Customers expect a faster, more flexible response to their needs.

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Solutions for your industry

Manufacturing Interface Monitor

The Manufacturing Interface Monitor records the progress of all message traffic between SAP ERP and any knife application. The Monitor works on SAP MII and is developed in the SAP industry standard SAPUI5. Both availables on the Hana Cloud Platform and on premise.

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SAP Manufacturing Execution

SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) is a powerful, scalable MES solution on enterprise-level that allows manufacturers to perform and manage the production of shop floor operations and transactions in the workplace.

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S/4HANA Enterprise Management

SAP S/4HANA is the latest, 4th generation of the SAP Business Suite, the ERP software that you now use in your organization. In time, S/4HANA will replace the current version R3. All existing modules are rebuilt. This transition is now in progress.

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