Wholesale and distribution

Use powerful analysis features to optimize your inventory and provide the right assortment. Our software for wholesale and distribution gives you insight into all aspects of your company. You distinguish your business from the competition, you deliver your customers excellent service, you have your cash flow under control, you know cost limit and you realize growth and return.

Use multi-channel sales to make it easy for your customers. Create, develop and maintain a close collaboration with strategic suppliers. And tune your assets to even the smallest changes in supply and demand.

Why Quinso?

Many of our consultants are active in the wholesale industry; As part of their former employment relationship or otherwise involved in projects. With this experience, we understand the essence of your business and the challenges you face. We use SAP Best practices for wholesale & Distribution During implementation, this solution supports a variety of wholesale industry-specific scenarios.


  • Better collaboration: promoting engagement across all channels
  • Better decision: Strategic and useful information for employees
  • Better customization: value-added services offered through a flexible business model
  • better work: significantly improved refunds, margins and performance of assets

Examples of companies in this sector

  • Food distribution
  • Care distribution
  • High Tech Distribution
  • Industrial distribution


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Solutions for your industry


With SAP Extended Warehouse Management, you manage your high volume warehouse activities. The system integrates complex supply chain logistics with your warehouse and distribution processes. Optimize tracking of your inventory (track & Trace), cross-docking, distribution and multi-channel fulfilment.

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SAP Transportation Management

Support the complete transport management lifecycle for both national and international freight transport with SAP software. Manage transport requirements for planning, optimization, offers, and handling of freight.

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S/4HANA Enterprise Management

SAP S/4HANA is the latest, 4th generation of the SAP Business Suite, the ERP software that you now use in your organization. In time, S/4HANA will replace the current version R3. All existing modules are rebuilt. This transition is now in progress.

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