SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)

SAP HANA Cloud Integration makes exchanging data in real time with SAP Cloud Platform easy. Integrate processes and data with cloud apps, third-party applications, and on-premise solutions with this open, flexible, on-demand integration system that runs as a core service on the SAP cloud Platform.


Access to a broad catalog of integration processes

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration service offers pre-built integration flows to act on insights in the moment.

Leverage the process and data integration expertise from an established pool of skilled experts.

With pre-built graphical flows and mappings SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration service helps you to seamlessly integrate across applications, third-party solutions and locations.

Integrate processes and data

Integrate both processes and data through unified technology engineered for the cloud.

Visit the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration Service developer community and tap into the vast expertise of a skilled and vibrant community.

Easily change real-time data

HCI_new_screen55SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration Services integrates processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Integration Services is an open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Hana Cloud Platform.

Why Quinso?

As a matter of course, Quinso has the right people with knowledge of SAP HANA Cloud Integration. More importantly, Quinso also has people who have a lot of knowledge of all processes and modules that are needed to exchange the right data and to connect the processes.

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SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) blog entries and news

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SAP Process Integration/Orchestration (PI/PO) is currently being used intensively for service-oriented architecture (SOA) at more than three thousand organizations. NetWeaver PI is used in these organizations for both A2A and B2B integration.

  • You can connect applications and data sources to integrate processes through XML and Web service-based message traffic (based on the appropriate standards).
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With SAP MII (manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) you realize a direct connection between the machines on your work floor and the operational (ERP) systems within your organisation. All data that is important for your production process is real-time accessible.

  • RDS SAP Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • RDS SAP Batch Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Interface Monitor
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More Development Solutions

Quickly develop new applications with tools for Agile software development on a cloud platform. Implement a cloud platform with tools for Agile software development that will help you build and roll out new applications faster. With SAP Solutions and our open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Quickly develop and run new applications in the cloud or on-premise
  • Offer a secure development environment in the cloud
  • Harness the power of in-memory computing
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Currently, the desire for user-friendly applications is bigger than ever. For this purpose, SAP introduced Fiori in 2012. Fiori mobilizes the most used business functions in a collection of apps with a simple and easily accessible user experience, which works well on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

  • User-friendly design
  • Easy and fast roll out of new applications
  • responsive, so suitable for any device
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Until recently, ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) was the programming language for developing applications for the SAP R/3. SAP original business model for R/3 is the precursor of object-oriented programming.

  • Translating specific wishes to software
  • Standardized customization within SAP
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