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SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management

SAP S/4HANA is the newest, 4th generation of the SAP Business Suite, the ERP software that you now use in your organization. In time, S/4HANA will replace the current version R3 entirely. All existing modules will be rebuilt from scratch. This process is already in progress!

SAP S/4HANA Solutions

S/4HANA consists of several parts that are normally introduced in phases:


  • The HANA database significantly increases processing speed and ensures that you can focus your business processes differently: less forecasting in decision making.
  • SAP S/4HANA runs in the ‘ cloud ‘ or in your ‘ on-premise ‘. In addition, the so-called ‘ privately managed cloud ‘ is also possible.

‘ Simple ‘ modules

  • With Simple Finance, the accounting of all operating companies and headquarters are always the same and the current information at all levels, from HQ to single product per site, is readily available.
  • Simple Logistics integrates production and logistics into an easy-to-understand user interface, and thus breaks down the walls that exist in practice between different disciplines.

SAP Fiori

  • The Fiori Launchpad is a role based dashboard and menu structure in 1 for your users. This allows the user to process both intuitively and quickly to respond to incidents.
  • The Fiori APP store offers over 400 intuitive apps that let you easily connect users to SAP; ‘ The lusts are not the burden ‘.


With S/4 HANA, SAP brings its software up to date The Fiori user interface is a revolution for both SAP users and non-SAP users, giving both power users and occasional users an intuitive and efficient user experience.

More importantly, under the hood, “In-memory Technology” provides a 10x to 1000x faster finish of your processes. Decisions at all levels in the organization can be taken on the basis of real time information, rather than waiting for a nightly MRP run.

Why Quinso?

We follow the latest developments in the area of S/4 HANA closely. Because of this we are your interlocutor when it comes to issues like: what does S/4 HANA mean to me? Is it already relevant to my organization? How does the transition to S / 4 HANA go, what options do I have, and what is the best choice for me?


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