Integrated Business Planning for Response and Supply

Become an expert in supply planning and response intelligence

With SAP Integrated Business planning for response and supply, you will be able to quickly respond to changes in supply and demand, both for the full range of supplies and for production, distribution and procurement simulations in order to meet the Customer’s needs. Integrated Business planning for response and supply generates ‘ what-if ‘ analyses that make potential scenarios visible.

The challenges

  • Simulation of scenarios in case of no longer in stock, delay in supply
  • Improve tackling bottlenecks
  • Deploying a multi-level sourcing determination model for both distribution and bills of lists

Key added value

  • Planning production, purchasing and distribution
  • Accurately respond to failures using what-if analyses to change supply plans on time and re plan demand and supply.
  • Manage assignments where inventory is low


  • Optimal use of purchasing and capacity
  • Providing supply alternatives in order to meet the customer’s needs and increase profitability
  • Planning of supply targets
  • Increase customer Service

SAP IBP Solutions

The SAP IBP Suite consists of the following 5 components:

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