Supply Chain Control Tower: “Visibility”

Navigating, analyzing and successfully managing all business activities, real time. Supply chain data and processes are in separate silos and go beyond the internal boundaries of an organization and run through a partner ecosystem. SAP Supply chain Control Tower combines real-time insight into the overall chain supported with reporting capabilities to better assess the impact of exceptional conditions and make the right decisions.

The challenges

  • Columns of data and processes, without consistent visibility of the supply chain
  • Lack of speed in identifying and responding to delays
  • Provide insight into future plans combined with previous objectives

Key added value

  • Full insights of the total supply chain
  • Integration of data from different systems
  • Controlling visibility and execution with configurable Analytics & alerts and Case Management
  • Pre-formatted Supply Chain Performance (SCOR) metric


  • Increasing accurate and fast delivery to customers
  • Reduction of total inventory levels and risk
  • Drop in supply chain costs
  • Enhancing the agility of the supply chain

SAP IBP Solutions

The SAP IBP Suite consists of the following 5 components:

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