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Easy mobile scanning in S/4HANA Cloud with the Mobile Warehouse App

To support a paperless warehouse in a S/4HANA Public Cloud environment, we have developed an application to increase efficiency in your warehouse. Running warehouse operations from any mobile device is now possible with minimal deployment effort.

A more efficient warehouse process

Speed ​​is of great importance in a warehouse. The simpler the process, the more efficient it is. That is why Quinso has designed the Mobile Warehouse App. An app that supports various warehouse processes by means of RF scanning. The app is fully configurable, allowing the user to only see data that is relevant. This makes the job of warehouse employees as easy as possible. The app also features seamless integration with label printing software.

Why the Mobile Warehouse App?

A simpler warehouse process means you can respond faster to customer needs and the processes within your company. That is why Quinso’s Mobile Warehouse App is flexible and can be set up entirely according to your wishes.

Here are the key benefits of the Mobile Warehouse App:

  • The app makes your warehouse process completely paperless, because work lists are displayed on mobile devices

  • Warehouse employees do not have to manually type in items such as product numbers, handling units and warehouse locations. They just simply scan them so that the items are automatically entered into the system

  • In the configuration dashboard you can determine which scan actions and verifications should be performed and which data can be seen on the screens of the app

  • Because warehouse employees only see the data they need, they need little training and can start their work straight away

  • Warehouse jobs are retrieved online and immediately verified and confirmed after scanning

  • The app can be integrated with label printing software, so you can print labels directly from the app

  • It only takes a few days to get the app up and running for your organization

Is the Mobile Warehouse App suitable for your organization?

The Mobile Warehouse App works on any mobile device and is suitable for organizations that work with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud with Extended Warehouse Management and that also have a license for the SAP Business Technology Platform or would like to purchase one. The scanning app supports inbound, outbound and operational processes and is in line with the best practices offered by SAP in the field of warehousing.


Curious to see how the Mobile Warehouse App works? In this video we demonstrate the app using two different processes.

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