SAP Transportation Management

Reduce costs and improve service with a streamlined transportation management process.

Support the complete transport management lifecycle for both national and international freight transport with SAP software. Manage transport requirements for planning, optimization, offers, and handling of freight. Booking/scheduling of carriers, forwarding orders, and meeting all requirements regarding international trade and hazardous substances. Manage the processes around purchasing, sales distribution, and supply. Optimise the use of assets, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operational and transport management costs.

How are you supported by the SAP solution?

  • Transport management requirements: centralization of transport management requirements, from entry to checkout.
  • Freight offers: An automated environment for freight offers
  • forwarding and handling of freight orders: managing and handling freight transport agreements for carriers and customers.
  • Freight Planning and optimization: Cost and constraint optimization and balance
  • Scheduling of carriers: an automated environment for the scheduling of carriers
  • Carrying out and monitoring transport: transport execution, monitoring and planning


SAP solutions help to better manage the transport processes to best meet customer requirements by:

  • Better transport control with more flexibility and compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Streamlined processes, cost reduction and maximum use of assets

Why Quinso?

We have years of experience in logistics, from concept to realisation. In addition, we also have excellent experience with RDS; In a short time we put down a working solution that covers the most important requirements. This is the starting point for further finetune to an optimal end result.

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