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Roundtable Green Supply Chain Technology

April 17, 2023

10 a.m.-7 p.m.

Louwman museum

Technology as accelerator of sustainable supply chain

Supply chains need to be more sustainable. Driven by laws and regulations, entrepreneurial vision, or simply the need for greater efficiency. Many industrial – and wholesale – companies recognize this.
Thanks to the pandemic, the supply chain was already at the center of attention. It drew attention to dependency and risk. The “race to the bottom” for the lowest cost.

How do you ensure a sustainable yet efficient supply chain?

But times have changed. We think very differently now. Customers are demanding more sustainable production and transportation; the government is pushing for a circular economy.
That makes many companies have to look critically at their current business models. After all, how do you ensure a sustainable yet efficient supply chain? We’re going to talk about that!

What are the topics?

  • What developments in circularity and sustainability directly affect your operations?
  • How do you make your supply chain greener and more efficient at the same time? What are the implications for your business processes?
  • What role does data play in this?

Get new insights and share yours at the roundtable Green Supply Chain Technology

Quinso created a vision document in collaboration with marketing and research firm RVS Marketing. In it, 8 business experts will speak about their supply chain challenges and solutions. To share the insights from this vision document and to exchange experiences, Quinso is organizing this roundtable session during VNSG Focus on!

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Please note that there is a maximum of 15 places.