About Quinso

Quinso is a boutique consultancy specialising in sustainable supply chain solutions. From business consulting to implementation, we transform not only supply chains but often go beyond. As part of the international ORBIS family, we offer the full suite of SAP solutions.

Passing it forward.

For us, continuity in business is about smart solutions for generations to come. That is why we pass on our knowledge and expertise to strengthen individuals, organisations, and their ecosystems. Connected as friends, we work and play hard in a secure environment where people thrive and count on each other. We work like this with everyone around us, inspiring others to do the same.

We know our stuff.

We use our knowledge, experience and curiosity to deliver quality in solutions. We enthuse our customers to embrace progress by discovering what they need and then showing them the way. From the big picture to day-to-day practice. We are excited by improvements, small and large. Exploring technological newness inspires us to create something special out of the ordinary. That’s how we raise the bar for efficient and sustainable business processes.

We go beyond.

We don’t just tick the box, we exceed expectations. We are driven by the success of our customers and a better society as a whole. That’s why, in our role as trusted advisers, we value our honesty and independence. We aim to build lasting partnerships. As T-shaped professionals, we combine a broad knowledge of manufacturing with a superior understanding of supply chain matters. This makes us connect easily with people from all professions. Leading to better teamwork and better ideas.

Until it’s done.

While we evolve as a business, we preciously preserve our entrepreneurial spirit. We keep distant from pointless procedures and do what is evidently needed and practically feasible. Today’s tech solutions can be outdated tomorrow. That’s why we quickly adapt to the context in which we operate and drive the transformation from within. Together, we love solving complex business puzzles. This requires us to roll up our sleeves, help each other out and go the extra mile.

Our Team

Aaron Berns
Aaron BernsBusiness Consultant
Bas Tiggelman
Bas TiggelmanSenior Sales Executive
Abdelwahid Mighiss
Abdelwahid MighissSenior Consultant
Berton van Zutven
Berton van ZutvenManaging Consultant
Annemarie de Jong
Annemarie de JongSenior Consultant
Dick Lemmens
Dick LemmensSenior Consultant
Bram Hendriks
Bram HendriksSenior Consultant
Dirk Arkesteijn
Dirk ArkesteijnConsultant
Dick Verburg
Dick VerburgManaging Partner
Floyd Austen
Floyd AustenConsultant
Hubert Wezenberg
Hubert WezenbergManaging Partner
Iwan Beeks
Iwan BeeksManaging Consultant
Guus Haans
Guus HaansConsultant
Jan Tielemans
Jan TielemansManaging Partner
Hans Peters
Hans PetersSenior Consultant
Jan Mansvelt
Jan MansveltSenior Consultant
Joos van den Wittenboer
Joos van den WittenboerPrincipal Consultant
Jan Verleisdonk
Jan VerleisdonkBusiness Consultant
Joris Sikking
Joris SikkingManaging Consultant
Jurgen de Jong
Jurgen de JongBusiness Consultant
Koen Dobbe
Koen DobbeConsultant
Laura Schreuder
Laura SchreuderBusiness Consultant
Koen Hendriks
Koen HendriksConsultant
Lonneke van Bockel
Lonneke van BockelBusiness Relationship Manager
Marc Kurver
Marc KurverSales Director
Luca Tielemans
Luca TielemansConsultant
Max Bouwmeester
Max BouwmeesterConsultant
Marc van der Zon
Marc van der ZonSenior Consultant
Miranda Stapel
Miranda StapelBusiness Consultant
Marcel Jetten
Marcel JettenBusiness Consultant
Mariska Coppens
Mariska CoppensConsultant
Niek Geene
Niek GeeneStagiair
Mark Kokkeler
Mark KokkelerSenior Consultant
Robert Mellema
Robert MellemaConsultant
Sander Volkering
Sander VolkeringSenior Consultant
Peter De Wilde
Peter De WildeSenior Consultant
Stef Martens
Stef MartensBusiness Consultant
Rick Konings
Rick KoningsSenior Consultant
Rita Vermulst
Rita VermulstOffice Manager
Stefan van Gils
Stefan van GilsSenior Consultant
Roel Reimink
Roel ReiminkConsultant
Wouter Vervoort
Wouter VervoortBusiness Consultant
Rogier Leijsen
Rogier LeijsenManaging Consultant
Sander van der Veen
Sander van der VeenBusiness Consultant