About Quinso

Quinso, Quality in Solutions. As SAP partner, we focus mainly on companies in the manufacturing and wholesale industry. We are a team of highly experienced SAP consultants with years of experience and industry specific process knowledge. By combining this with SAP knowledge in the widest sense of the word, we are able to offer high quality consultancy. Total solutions in the field of SAP software in the manufacturing and wholesale industry, which is where Quinso excels in. Our partnership with Orbis in Germany makes us a strong player at both national and international level. This allows us to serve our customers in the Netherlands and abroad optimally.

Our mission

Quality and experience stand for Quinso Central. Quinso helps companies in the manufacturing and wholesale industry to improve their business and add value through business consultancy. This is often combined with an SAP implementation. In addition, flexibility and commitment are inextricably linked to successful cooperation with clients.

Our Vision

Quinso realizes that organizations are asking for certainty and do not tolerate concessions in the quality of change processes. We believe that Quinso is distinguished from most consultancy companies in this area. We do not wait, but play a proper role in changing circumstances. We are a partner who is thinking and moving, with sincere commitment, openness and attention to you as a customer. Our consultants show leadership at crucial moments. Not the procedures are guiding, but entrepreneurship is key. They act at those times when it matters, take guidance and point you as a customer the way to set goals. In short: We are an entrepreneur, together with our client.

Management Team

Jan Tielemans
Jan TielemansManaging Partner
After studying ICT at the University of Eindhoven, Jan has started as Young Potential with Akzo Nobel, and then flows to the Business Consultancy branch of KPMG. Jan has more than twenty years of experience in managing and implementing SAP projects in which the customer is always central.
Hubert Wezenberg
Hubert WezenbergManaging Partner
After his training in commercial economics, Hubert gained more than 30 years of experience in various sales and management positions. After his career with SAP Nederland where he was responsible for large and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing and wholesale branch, he founded in 2010 together with two other partners Quinso. A new company distinctive in approach and advice by providing total solutions in the field of SAP software in the manufacturing and wholesale industry.
Dick Verburg
Dick VerburgManaging Partner
Dick has been trained as a business economist with logistic management as a specialisation at the HES in Amsterdam. He has worked at several national and international companies as a consultant and business consultant and has more than ten years of experience with SAP implementation projects at large and small companies.