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Is AI a trend? It is certainly a word that has been used too often in recent years. All organizations realize that it is going to have a lot of impact and that they need to do something with it, but what is often still the big question. A trend, in our opinion, it certainly is not. Also for your organization!

The benefits of AI

Just a few decades ago, the use of AI was at an “early adopter” stage and its potential was still somewhat theoretical. Since then, AI technologies and applications have advanced and added value to businesses. And as AI technologies improve and emerge as the next wave of innovation, so does human understanding of their potential and the creativity with which they are applied.

Today, businesses are taking advantage of an ever-increasing range of measurable benefits from AI-powered systems, including the following five:

  1. Resilient business
    AI solutions not only provide the ability to manage data, but also to extract actionable insights from it. With AI, complex processes can be automated, resources can be used more efficiently, disruptions (and opportunities) can be better predicted, and adaptation to potential disruptions is easier.
  2. Better customer service
    With AI technologies, companies can personalize their service offerings and communicate with their customers in real time. AI gives business systems the ability to use this data and better serve and engage their customers.
  3. Secure decision-making
    Good entrepreneurs always strive to make quick and informed decisions. The more important the decision, the more likely it will have numerous and complex components and interdependencies associated with it. AI helps expand people’s wisdom and experience with advanced data analytics and practical insights that support informed, real-time decision-making.
  4. Relevant products and services
    With AI-powered systems, companies can look at numerous different data sets simultaneously and in real time. This allows them to modify existing products and introduce new ones, based on the most relevant and up-to-date market and customer data.
  5. Engaged employees
    AI technologies in the workplace can ease the burden of simple tasks and allow workers to focus on work that is more fulfilling.

SAP Joule: your digital co-pilot

SAP Joule, SAP’s next-generation AI assistant, is designed to offer SAP system users even more convenience. SAP Joule provides the ability to communicate with the user in natural language, making complex business processes simpler and more accessible.

What immediately stands out within SAP Joule is the ability to automate tasks across SAP applications. Consider updating purchase or sales data, approving invoices or setting up scheduling assignments. SAP Joule functions as a digital co-pilot that streamlines your business processes.

Take advantage of AI integration in all your business processes

AI for ERP and Finance

  • Reduce average payment terms with intelligent invoice control
  • Resolve errors more easily with smart guidance
  • Arm yourself against fraud with AI-assisted anomaly detection
  • Automate business processes that require a lot of communication

AI for supply chain

  • Predict customer demand and adapt quickly to changes
  • Improve quality control with visual AI-assisted inspections and anomaly detection
  • Reduce risks with preventive maintenance advice
  • Increase production efficiency with intelligent automatic dispatch


AI for procurement

  • Simplify the procurement process in accordance with regulations with on-screen recommendations
  • Streamline data extraction, minimize errors and reduce manual tasks
  • Receive informed, prescriptive guidance at critical decision moments
  • Create sourcing projects and events intuitively, based on previous successes


AI in IT and platform

  • Integrate AI into your SAP applications with a library of pre-trained models
  • Manage the lifecycle of AI models in one central place
  • Deploy AI models at scale and run them without compromising the privacy of your data
  • Find connections in your data set and predict future events


Joos van den Wittenboer

Principal Consultant

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