Session ‘Get the most out of your production process’

Transparency in the production process, from clear planning to preventing breakdowns and making immediate adjustments as needed. Production leaders who can quickly and easily understand the process. Production workers who have an overview of their work and their results. Meeting continuously changing customer demand. Moving quickly on that demand while keeping quality and speed of production at the right level. Are you facing similar challenges as our customers CoreDux, midocean and Supertape?

Are you a Supply Chain Manager, Plant Manager or Operations Manager and do you want to get more out of your production process? Do you want to get the inefficiencies solved and are you exploring which software is best for you? Also taking into account what your production process looks like now and what it means for the organization and people? Or are you an IT Manager exploring together with your Supply Chain Manager which software is best for you? And how it fits into your existing IT landscape?

During the interactive digital session we organized on this subject we zoom in on this topic with organizations that have already gone through this process as well as implementation and technology experts.

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In the session, Wouter Vervoort talks about the Quinso project methodology from his experience at clients such as Oerlikon and Hunter Douglas Europe. Jurgen de Jong followed up on this by prodding the question whether Integrated Smart Manufacturing could be a solution for optimizing the participants’ production process. Rens Konings closed the session with his story about the project CoreDux did together with Quinso, ‘From Decision to Solution’.

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Watch the demos “Optimizing Organizational Processes with Integrated Smart Manufacturing” and “Reducing Costs on the Factory Floor through Insights into Failure and Downtime.


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Wouter Vervoort

Business Consultant

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