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Session ‘Walk ahead! Digitize the supply chain’

On Thursday, Feb. 3, we were pleased to welcome an enthusiastic group of managers in supply chain, IT and logistics to our interactive session on digitizing the supply chain. A group with the same ambition: to become or remain leaders in their industry!

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How do you stay ahead as an organization? Keeping ahead of constantly changing customer demand. Get ahead of competitors, who also continue to evolve and get smarter. How do you ensure that your organization continues to make a difference in the marketplace? And that you have the flexibility to deal with disruptive circumstances such as COVID-19?

The way to get ahead is to digitize the supply chain. That’s easier said than done.

In this digital session, Niek Geene, Business Consultant, talked from his experience about the 3 main reasons why organizations in the manufacturing and wholesale industry have not yet started digitizing their supply chain. And also the 3 reasons why exactly they did start already. Rick Konings, also Business Consultant, took the participants through the methodology we at Quinso have developed to help organizations determine their own route in the digitalization journey.

Michiel van Montfort, inspired from his daily practice as Innovation Manager at MCB. He shared the dilemmas he has encountered in digitizing the supply chain and factory. And also, of course, how he and his colleagues dealt with this.

Watch the session back to learn about new insights around supply chain digitization within your organization.


What do you choose: frontrunner or walking behind?

How do you stay ahead as an organization? Get ahead of the constantly changing demands of your customers. Get ahead of your competitors? We are happy to share our accumulated experience and knowledge with you. To help your organization remain or become that forerunner!

Niek Geene

Business Consultant

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