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Successful implementation at Belden Cekan

Frank Andersen, Belden Cekan: Because of our outdated ERP system, we had to switch to Belden Cekan’s global standard SAP. Together with Quinso, we managed to execute the project and go live within 4 months including hypercare. This was only possible thanks to a really good collaboration between Belden and Quinso. Quinso’s highly skilled and flexible consultants proved to be a very good fit for our small dedicated project team.

Niek Geene, Quinso: The management team at Belden Cekan was very involved and decisive which allowed us to implement SAP as standard as possible. Thanks to the dedicated project team, we were able to achieve a successful go live with limited time and budget. Immediately after implementing SAP ERP, Belden Cekan kept up the speed to also implement the ORBIS MES system with Quinso within 2 months. In this project, we integrated the shop floor with SAP by connecting all machines to ORBIS‘ MES system.

Belden Cekan