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Webinar ‘3 practical examples for more profit from your production process’

Do you want to get more profit out of your production process?

The manufacturing industry is constantly looking for new ways to produce more profitably. Connecting the shopfloor to the topfloor is such a way. In other words, integration of machines with the ERP platform. How to do that? With SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence, or MII. With it, you produce reports at lightning speed and at any time based on the most current data, which you use to make analyses. With the results in one clear dashboard. With these insights, you can increase efficiency. The result? Fewer production errors, reduced downtime, and therefore lower production costs as well as improved production quality.

In this webinar, Wouter Vervoort and Jurgen de Jong, experts in the implementation of SAP MII, cover the top 3 they encounter on a daily basis. They show in what ways MII supports you and how you can become an even more intelligent manufacturer:

  • Preventing or quickly resolving malfunctions
  • Integrating all, production-related, software solutions
  • Making processes flow smoothly into one another