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Webinar ‘From SAP WM to EWM. Which route do you choose?

The question “to switch to SAP EWM now or not (yet)” is hot! Are you also thinking about what systems and versions do I actually have, how do I get to the next step and where do I want to be in 5 years at all with my warehouse? The possibilities are endless and may even vary from warehouse to warehouse. Do you recognize these questions? Then be sure to watch this webinar ‘From SAP WM to EWM. Which route do you choose?

SAP introduced Warehouse Management (WM) some 25 years ago. Order picking, inventory management and administration. A successful solution for many companies for years. But times are changing. Everything moves faster Cost savings and sustainability are increasingly gaining importance. The more flexible the warehouse process, the easier we can respond to all processes within the company, online and offline.

SAP has extended standard support for Warehouse Management (WM) until 2027. And even until 2030 for customers with extended support contracts. Oceans of time you would think. Still not. This is the time to take stock: what solution is needed to prepare your warehouse for the future with the least possible effort?

Webinar “From WM to EWM.

Stef Martens and Joos van den Wittenboer of Quinso, experts in SAP logistics solutions, know better than anyone how complex such an issue can be. Every day they help clients on their way to a future-proof warehouse. They are happy to share their knowledge with you in the webinar ‘From SAP WM to EWM. Which route do you choose?

Are you switching directly to Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)? Or do you opt for an intermediate step? How do you get your people to go along with this? In the 30-minute webinar below, they show you how, using 3 pillars, you can prepare your warehouse for the future.

Leading up to this webinar, Joos and Stef also wrote a blog on this topic: ‘SAP Extended Warehouse Management, or not (yet)? How do I know what to choose?