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Paperless warehouse at Hans Anders

From Quinso, together with our partner ORBIS, we were able to make a valuable contribution to the digitization of their warehouse. Hans Anders asked us for the OLES solution, an add-on to SAP, and its technical implementation.

Rogier Leijsen, project manager from Quinso: “The implementation has been one out of the book. The main reason for this is the way in which Hans Anders has included the users in the warehouse in the new development. Users were trained extensively and a lot of attention was paid to designing and building the right solution for them. The entire team worked towards this for a year, with a celebratory go-live as the final icing on the cake. Everyone was ready to start working in the new way.’

Working with OLES delivers:

  • Real-time visibility into appropriate warehouse locations and inventories
  • Total overview in the warehouse which makes controlling easier
  • Fundamental reduction in paper consumption through digital picking lists

Specifically for Hans Anders, they save 15,000km of paper per year with OLES. An important contribution to their sustainability goals and also cost-saving.

What else is unique about OLES? This app is based on a best practice process that is continuously evolving. Also during the implementation at Hans Anders, we discovered improvements on that best practice and implemented them immediately. Win-win for both Hans Anders and ORBIS and Quinso.

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