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In 2011, Carlisle chose hard cast Europe for SAP ERP, which fully optimized the manufacturing company’s floor. In October 2014 was The shop floor’s turn. Production forms and ballpoint pens were made for advanced screens and the latest software. “The efficiency on the production floor has increased tremendously,” said Rob Reeve, managing Director of Carlisle hard cast Europe. “Thanks to Quinso, there is now a robust basis for
Lean manufacturing. “

Reference Story

Carlisle reduces the production time from 10 to 5 days with SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Read all about it in the reference story.

Carlisle ® CM Europe combines the strengths of the European subsidiaries of Carlisle ® Companies Incorporated, a listed global company. CARLISLE ® Companies Inc. Develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of products that serve a variety of niche markets: commercial roofing, energy, agriculture, mining, construction, aerospace and defence electronics, food, Health care and sanitary maintenance.

The secret of the success of CARLISLE ® companies Inc. is: Decentralised companies run by enterprising thinking and acting and management teams that are able to bring innovative product solutions to the various needs of our customers. The global team of over 12,000 employees work daily with the best products of superior quality and an exceptional service to continually improve the value of the CARLISLE ® brand.

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PERFECT TEAMWORK from CARLISLE hard cast EUROPE and QUINSO: They halve the production time from 10 to 5 days

1. A powerful and robust shop floor Control system

Carlisle Hard cast Europe distinguishes three phases in the production process: (1) producing the adhesive, (2) cutting the tape and (3) wrapping the finished product. The management of this process was previously based entirely on paper. Now there are screens on the production floor placed. The operator starts an order and the system shows exactly which products

2. Practical and lightning-fast labeling Software

A direct link was made between the Nice label software and SAP ERP 6. Therefore, the labels are generated directly and automatically when an order is started. Reeve: “That works great. There are always just enough labels ready for exactly the right product. And if a label gets dirty or rips, you print a new one again. Previously, this process was manually controlled. That was labour-intensive and error-prone, because we have a huge diversity of labels. Now it’s regulated with a touch of a button. ”

Processes without noise

With the ERP system and the shop floor Control system, Carlisle hard cast Europe has laid a robust foundation for Lean manufacturing. Reeve: “Our production process is now ÉÉNOP-one with automation; The noise of manually processing information is completely gone. We do not need
Make production forms or labels more ready, and we do not need to report back any more orders. Customer service will return the status of an order in real time to the system; That saves a walk down again. With this new way of working, we save about sixty hours of administrative work every week. And perhaps more importantly: because there are no longer waiting times, the throughput time of production is reduced from ten to five days. ”

The Power of Realtime

Wouter predicts, Project Manager at Quinso, highlights the tremendous Benefits benefits of Realtime analytics. “The Shop floor Control system registers everything. As a result, the reliability of tracking and tracing of finished products has risen to 100 percent and the machine hours do not have to be registered anymore
. The information in the system contains valuable insights that help to make the production floor even more efficient. When was production stopped unplanned? And what was the cause of that? Soon Carlisle hard cast Europe will see that at a glance through the Overall Equipment Effectivenes reporting (OEE).

Quinso: Proactive and pragmatic

Although the implementation trajectory of Carlisle hard cast Europe has not yet been completed, the company is already looking back on a successful project. Reeve: “Quinso has an unprecedented specialist knowledge of manufacturing. They are involved, mastering the intricacies of project management, taking on a steering role and
Make matters negotiable. Because of this pragmatic and proactive approach, the consultants were not outsiders for us, but a perfect complement to the team. ” This can certainly be said: “It’s really about the team; This will put you the best basis for success. ”