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NiceLabel is a global leader in labeling software and labeling management systems. With these software and systems, NiceLabel helps organizations of various sizes increase the quality, speed and efficiency of their labeling while reducing costs. The software is user-friendly, comprehensive and focused on the user’s needs. NiceLabel also offers customized solutions that work seamlessly with virtually any existing system.

A more efficient labeling process

NiceLabel solutions

Loftware has several solutions, both in the cloud, Loftware Cloud, and on-premise, Nicelabel. Quinso can perform all Loftware implementation strategies, so there is always a solution that suits the client. Both Loftware Cloud and Nicelabel software can be purchased as a subscription (subscription form). This usually means lower entry costs and more flexibility than through the traditional licensing model.

With NiceLabel software label customization is no longer a task only for the IT department. Business users can create their own labels easily and quickly via drag and drop. Adjustments and customer approval are quickly handled by automatic workflows. This allows for quick response times to specific customer inquiries. In addition, NiceLabel solutions are certified as a supporting solution and with standard integration for ECC, S/4HANA, MII, EWM and EH&S.

The convenience of an automatic labeling process at Bostik

In 2022, Bostik implemented the Quinso Manufacturing Execution System(QMES). To make the production process even faster, more flexible and accurate, they proceeded to integrate NiceLabel paired with SAP MII. Karin Lokers of Bostik explains the benefits of this integration:

Karin: “I think NiceLabel is fantastic! It’s so much easier to design for a label now than it was in SAP. Thanks to the link with SAP MII, all the right information is on the label at the touch of a button. This gives our products the right triggers, at the right time in the production process. After testing the product, for example, the results from MII are used to determine which label the sample will receive. Another advantage is that label designers can easily make adjustments thanks to the Nicelabel Control Center.

In addition, we want to start using the web application, so that with a standard design and some input fields, we can also print labels manually. A final step will be the integration of Nicelabel into the packaging line, replacing the pallet labels, which currently come from SAP, with MII-Nicelabel.”

Is label design & printing part of your business process and, like Bostik, do you want to create optimization, simplification and cost reduction? Then fill out our labeling optimization check and receive our initial recommendations for a more efficient labeling process!

Loftware Cloud

Loftware Cloud is a very user-friendly, yet comprehensive Cloud labeling solution on the market. With, in addition, the possibility of hybrid deployment. In other words, you can print your labels even without an Internet connection.

Loftware’s SOC 2 Type II certified Cloud systems are designed to protect customer data and function effectively.

Loftware Cloud helps organizations manage labels – from label design to print and every step in between. It standardizes the entire labeling process on one platform. The result is that your organization can respond faster to the changing market and customer needs. This allows you to move faster and get products to market faster, which in turn helps strengthen your competitive position.

Loftware Cloud includes:

  1. A modern HTML online Document Management System, where all label documents are stored and configured with a central database. You can think of this as the SharePoint for labeling.
  2. A user-friendly Label Designer, which makes it easy to create labels. Even without knowledge of IT and coding.
  3. A Web Printing System, which allows users to centrally manage all print applications and easily deploy them to multiple locations or remote vendors.
  4. An Integration System that integrates label printing with SAP to ensure the accuracy, printing efficiency and consistency of your labeling.

Label Management System

An on-premise solution from NiceLabel is Label Management System (LMS). This system connects seamlessly to SAP via an SAP add-on installation (ABAP Package). This standardizes the entire labeling process on a single platform. This system can scale from five users to thousands of users. It can also be extended to remote locations, suppliers and manufacturers. In addition, this system takes a very short implementation, within one day it is already working.

Quinso and NiceLabel

Production often needs to be faster, more flexible and more accurate to meet ever-changing customer needs. An efficient labeling process helps with this. That’s why Quinso is an official partner of NiceLabel. We provide software, consultancy and support, as well as integration between SAP and NiceLabel. Our experts can help you smartly integrate NiceLabel software with your business systems and scale up label printing as needed. Through our partnership, we help companies with the digital transformation of their labeling process.

In April 2022, we received an official certificate from Loftware NiceLabel. With this certificate Quinso is a valued member of the Loftware Partner Program.

Labeling optimization check

Is label design & printing part of your business process and is there instinctively room for optimization, simplification and cost reduction there?
Then fill out our labeling optimization check and receive our initial recommendations for a more efficient labeling process!


How Cloud-based Labeling can benefit your business

Many companies are joining the accelerated movement to move all their enterprise applications – including labeling – to the cloud. If you are still wondering how your business can benefit from cloud-based labeling, then this session is for you!

Watch the session now to learn how by centralizing your labeling on a cloud-based system you can do the following:

  • Create, modify and implement your labels quickly
  • Reduce initial costs
  • Easily access labels across all your networks
  • Work efficiently with unmatched scalability and flexibility

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