Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Within different industries, there are different ways in which production is carried out, and they all rely on digital technologies to support and execute production processes. The solution requirements are often complex and include the integration of machines on the shop floor, performing advanced analysis and incorporating advanced technologies. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES) designed to provide the link between manufacturing and business in supply chain management.

What does SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud do?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud is a real-time data- and analytics-based manufacturing execution system (MES) within the cloud and extends the functionalities of a classic MES many times over. Digital Manufacturing Cloud uses Industry 4.0 techniques to integrate systems in the manufacturing process with each other and with the shop floor. Consider integrations with MES systems, as well as integration with SAP S/4HANA. This provides faster and more consistent insights. It enables stakeholders to analyze production performance and improve processes. In real time as well as based on predictive data, reducing costs due to defects, for example. It also promotes the sustainability of the organization by making working with paper in the factory a thing of the past. By expanding the on-premises portfolio of digital production solutions, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Benefits Digital Manufacturing Cloud:

  • Fully configurable solution which can be easily adapted to your production process
  • Detailed and consistent real-time insights into the execution of production processes that enable continuous improvement of the production process.
  • Increase production performance by analyzing, through efficient and intuitive KPIs and analytics
  • Prevent potential failures, ensure quality and save costs through predictive data by understanding all plants, right down to production equipment
  • Optimization of short-term and seasonal scheduling of shopfloor operations
  • Extensive automation of production execution
Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Three main components

Several functionalities have been combined within SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud. These functionalities are split into three main components, all of which can be licensed separately and function as stand-alone solutions:

  1. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution
    Organize, direct and monitor the shop floor with the centralized MES solution. Intuitive user interfaces and modern, process-oriented features such as resource and order dispatch.
  2. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights
    An analysis for optimizing plant performance and ROI. Sharpens manufacturing insights from enterprise to plant level.
  3. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Resource Orchestration
    Is a scheduling tool that production supervisors can work with to control operations and monitor events on the floor.

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Digital Manufacturing Cloud optimizes the scheduling of your manufacturing operations, planned labor, production tools and ensures optimal use of your machines on the shop floor by integrating execution, visibility and analytics. Want to know more? Contact us! We are always happy to assist you.

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