Integrated Business Planning

Deliver the right products at the right time, process orders on short notice and predict customer needs. Based on the right planning solution, processes throughout the supply chain can be optimized. SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) digitizes and connects all your processes so that you can serve your customers even better.

What is SAP Integrated Business Planning?

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud-based solution for demand and inventory planning across the supply chain based on SAP S/4HANA. It is designed to achieve integrated, unified planning where all parts of the supply chain can be aligned. SAP IBP consists of 6 modules: SAP IBP for Sales and Operations, SAP IBP for Demand, SAP IBP for Inventory, SAP IBP for Response and Supply, Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning and the Supply Chain Control Tower. The various components can be used individually or in combination.

6 components of SAP Integrated Business Planning

  1. Sales and operations: receive sales plans to maximize business results in line with your business strategy.
  2. Demand: using machine learning, receive transparent demand forecasts for comprehensive and overarching demand planning and forecasting, even with short-term fluctuations.
  3. Inventory: optimize inventory goals in your supply chain by considering supply and demand factors.
  4. Response and supply: you can respond to short-term changes, consider constraints and perform what-if analyses.
  5. Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning: you manage to find the right balance between customer demand and inventory. It is an approach that can shorten product delivery times by actually waiting to produce until customers place an order.
  6. Supply Chain Control Tower: you monitor and analyze the supply chain in real time. The supply chain control tower helps provide meaningful analysis when making decisions so you can act rather than react.

Benefits of SAP IBP

  • Balancing supply and demand;
  • Harmonization of planning for all business units;
  • Planning with advanced algorithms, optimization, and “what-if-scenario” simulation planning;
  • Increase sales performance (on time in full);
  • Minimal storage and production costs;
  • End-to-end supply chain overview with monitoring, analysis, alerts and management by exception;
  • Strong performance through native development on the SAP HANA platform.

Webinar SAP Integrated Business Planning for stock

To serve the market and your customers well, you always want the right products in the right quantity in the right place. Quite a challenge as customer demand becomes increasingly unpredictable and supply chains increasingly complex. How do you determine optimal stocks when change is the only constant you can really build on? SAP Integrated Business Planning for Inventory may be able to help you with this.

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