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Forrester research shows: SAP has the best digital operating platforms for manufacturing companies

As Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) becomes obsolete and hinders business success, going into next-generation automation and artificial itelligence will determine who will lead the market. Software providers that offer modern, flexible and AI-driven solutions can successfully deliver digital transformation to their customers.

A Forrester study examines 13 providers to give application developers at manufacturing companies insight into which provider, appropriate to their needs, is the right choice. The survey reveals that SAP is the leading provider of digital operational platforms.

Key features of digital operational platforms for manufacturing companies

Digital operational platforms provide additional business functionality that application developers need to add value. And to respond to changing stakeholder expectations. The key features that distinguish digital operational platforms from legacy ERP systems are:

  • Due to availability of more data, give better advice to solve the imbalance between supply and demand
  • Simplify integration and work from best practices
  • Promote successful long-term strategic partnerships

SAP leads the way

The Forrester Wave survey “Digital Operations Platforms For Manufacturing Businesses” highlights SAP’s forward thinking. Using 27 criteria, Forrester examined 13 providers that matter most. This concluded that SAP is the best at facilitating digital business transformation among their customers.

SAP is the largest digital operational platform provider. Historically, SAP has been a dominant force in the market for complex and global technology change at large organizations. But SAP also offers front office solutions and products for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). In recent years, SAP has modernized its ERP offering to S/4HANA, which is an AI-driven, user-friendly and flexible product.

SAP now has more than 14,000 customers with S/4HANA and a network of thousands of partners across numerous industries, processes and regions. The Forrester survey highlights that SAP has some exceptional strengths, such as flexible billing, in-memory scheduling and reporting with live data.

The best digital operational platform for your manufacturing business

Are you curious about what S/4HANA can do for your organization? Do you want to develop into an Intelligent Manufacturer who smartly uses technology opportunities to grow his business? The expertise we have accumulated means that we are uniquely capable of helping you do this. Feel free to contact Marc van der Zon or read Forrester’s entire study here.