Integration Platform

The application landscape in many enterprises consists of a “jumble of interconnected applications. This increases the likelihood of errors and failures and increases the cost of managing the landscape. In addition, the market is increasingly demanding when it comes to the speed and ease of information exchange. With SAP Integration Suite, you can capitalize on this.

Open architecture

Organizations are increasingly leaning toward best-of-breed solutions in which business processes are executed in different software packages. SAP follows an open innovation strategy that focuses on connecting a wide range of software solutions. Whereas previously all functionalities were housed in one standard software package, SAP uses an open architecture. Integrate processes and data with cloud apps, third-party applications and on-premise solutions with this open, flexible, on-demand integration system which runs as a core service on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Benefits of SAP Integration Suite

  • Easily exchange real-time data
    So your data is everywhere, anytime and up-to-date: communication between systems can be fully automated with SAP Integration Suite, which means that data is updated in real time across all off-takers.
  • End-to-end connection between different systems
    SAP Integration Suite realizes the desired end-to-end connection between different systems by out-of-the box support of a wide range of connectivity adapters (such as SOAP, Odata, SFTP, HTTPS, IDoc etc.)
  • Integrate processes and data
    In addition, it offers the ability to transform messages on a low-code basis and the option of using one of the many standard APIs available in the SAP API hub.

The right people with knowledge

As a matter of course, Quinso has the right people with knowledge of SAP Integration Suite. More importantly, however, Quinso also has Integration Consultants who have extensive knowledge of all the processes and modules needed to exchange the right data and make the processes fit together. The ultimate goal is that your data, applications and processes are optimally integrated and that your organization remains agile and in control.

Our customer stories

We see that organizations are now taking important steps in providing insight into real-time data in their organization. We are happy to help you optimize your business processes with an integrated solution within your SAP system. So if you want to know more about us, our company or solutions: we are here for you! Take a look at our customer references!

Joos van den Wittenboer

Principal Consultant

Moving your business processes to the Cloud?

You consider to move your business processes to the Cloud with SAP Integration Suite? Contact Joos van den Wittenboer. He is gladly helping you!

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