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Optimize your supply chain with artificial intelligence

Does your organization still consider artificial intelligence (AI) a distant concept? Or as a worrisome hype that will blow over? Then it’s time to wake up. Because AI is neither hype nor a threat. It is the future. And it’s going to help your organization get a better grip on your supply chain.

You want to reduce the total cost of your supply chain, respond quickly to customer demands, make better and more informed decisions, and reliably predict customer demand? How do you make the decision to change such sweeping issues? Gut feeling. Business instinct. For a long time, that was the basis for important business decisions. Executives were used to running organizations this way because that is how the business was created and made big. A rationale for choices was often lacking. It was a matter of relying on feeling and hoping for the best.

Making smarter use of data

Those days are now far behind us. Instead of relying on an executive’s feelings, organizations now rely on data. That is an important step, but the journey does not end there. The opportunities to use data even smarter continue to grow. And so it is vital to take the next steps as well. Especially since all the factors your organization has to deal with have become much more complex. Especially when it comes to the supply chain.

The needs of your suppliers, subcontractors, logistics partners and customers are changing at lightning speed. Custom and personalized products, rush orders, you want to be able to respond quickly to everything. It’s a huge puzzle to align all that. Every choice made has consequences. Consequences that often cannot be foreseen or overlooked. And in cases like that, sometimes even data-driven work is not enough.

Helping hand for your organization

An organization needs a helping hand that continuously collects and analyzes the most up-to-date data for you. That’s why SAP Integrated Business Planning uses advanced artificial intelligence. IBP digitizes and connects all your processes so that you can serve your customers even better and your organization becomes even stronger and more resilient. Groundbreaking tools like machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics develop algorithms and models that help your organization make informed, forward-looking choices.

Does that still sound a bit vague and complicated? We list some concrete examples of how AI in SAP Integrated Business Planning can optimize your organization’s supply chain:

  • Automated scheduling
    How much time do your employees still spend on repetitive and manual tasks, such as scheduling? Time-consuming work, which is also error-prone. With AI you automate your planning and, moreover, through smart analysis, it recognizes irregularities and possible errors. This way you optimize your planning and employees have more time for tasks where they add more value to your organization.
  • Accurate demand forecasting
    No one knows exactly what the future holds, but based on historical data and additional external data, for example, AI can make educated guesses about it. Machine learning algorithms analyze all available data and convert it into accurate predictions about the demand for products or services. By adjusting your production planning and inventory management accordingly, your organization will proactively respond to future demand.
  • More sustainable planning
    Sustainability is an increasingly important part of the supply chain. The environment plays a major role and organizations are increasingly aware of their responsibility for the carbon footprint of products, in part due to public attention to this issue. Machine learning in SAP IBP helps you more accurately meet future demand with optimized matching of supply and demand. This allows you to better and more easily eliminate unnecessary emissions from, for example, waste, storage, energy and transportation.
  • Always the right stock
    Using machine learning, you process and analyze data from your supply chain, taking into account seasonal influences, demand variations and delivery times, for example. Putting all this data side by side gives you insight into the optimal inventory levels for each time of year. This way you avoid large surpluses or deficits, optimize cash flow and save a lot of costs as an organization. You can also see the impact of any changes in your inventory or price.

MidOcean, Remeha and Avebe enrich operational processes with SAP IBP

Accurate demand forecasting is essential for organizations in the manufacturing industry. Because the better the production numbers match demand, the lower the inventory costs and the higher the service level. What does this look like in practice? At our customers MidOcean, Remeha and Avebe, we implemented SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO), the predecessor of IBP. The overarching challenge at these companies lay in being able to plan more accurately and meet changing customer demand more quickly. Thanks to Advanced Planning, sales data, inventory data and machine capacity are combined at all these companies into a realistic operational plan. This takes an integrated approach to operational planning, with optimal coordination between logistics, business office and customer service. The expertise we have built up with clients such as Fujifilm, among others, means that we are able to take Sales & Operations within companies to the next level like no other. We specialize in sustainable supply chain solutions; we do nothing else.

Find out more about SAP Integrated Business Planning

Together with SAP, we are organizing the session “Get a grip on your Supply Chain” on January 31. Here we are happy to go deeper into SAP Integrated Business Planning with you and some of your peers within other organizations.

What to expect during this afternoon:

  • Reception with a walk-in lunch
  • Sparring on challenges and opportunities in the supply chain
    With a real-life success story from one of our clients
  • Oceans SAP – How to plan the perfect heist.
    Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Business Planning in this interactive experience
  • Unlock your supply chain potential with SAP IBP
    How can SAP IBP help you achieve a resilient Supply Chain?
  • The Opportunities of a Sustainable Supply Chain
    How do you ensure that your Supply Chain is resilient in a sustainable way?

Only 10 spots are available, so don’t wait to register! Sign up using the button below and within a few weeks, we’ll send you a personal invitation. Who knows, we might meet then on the 31st.

About Quinso

Quinso is a boutique consulting firm specializing in sustainable supply chain solutions. Technological innovations inspire them to think outside the box. Thus, Quinso sets the bar high for efficient and sustainable business processes and developing continuous smart solutions for future generations. Therefore, they pass on their knowledge and expertise to strengthen individuals, organizations and ecosystems. Quinso not only transforms supply chains, but often goes further, from business consulting to implementation. As a member of the ORBIS family, Quinso offers the full suite of SAP solutions.