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Your supply chain has become so much more complex in a short period of time that it is barely manageable. As an organization, you depend on numerous parties. Complications somewhere along the chain can have major consequences. But exactly what these consequences are is hard to estimate.

Recent years have made it clear that your organization must be prepared for disruptions. Prices of raw materials and transportation fluctuate enormously, delivery times are under pressure, and sustainability laws and regulations are increasing. Moreover, we saw during the pandemic and after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine that production and marketing areas can disappear overnight.

How do you deal with that as an organization? You cannot prevent sudden disruptions. However, you can make sure that you are optimally prepared and agile so that you can respond quickly to any changes that come your way. SAP Integrated Business Planning helps with that.

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The whitepaper, “Achieving resilient and sustainable supply chains through planning,” reveals strategies to deal with disruptions in your business processes and promote sustainable growth of your organization.


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Highly fluctuating prices, increased focus on sustainability and changing customer needs. Getting your supply chain right is an extremely complex puzzle these days. So the question is: how do you put the puzzle pieces together seamlessly? Get inspired by the blogs and webinar below and find out what SAP IBP can do for you!

A better grip on your supply chain? 5 takeaways!

In the ever-changing world of supply chain planning, it is essential to lead with knowledge and tools that really make a difference. That’s why we’re happy to share 5 crucial takeaways from our recent event that will help your company achieve greater control and efficiency within your supply chain.

Royal Avebe: Cost savings and higher customer satisfaction

1000 unique products, 6 production sites and a high dependence on weather. That guarantees planning complexity. Erik Pricker, Business Planning Manager at Royal Avebe, shares insights on how SAP IBP has helped them get this complexity under control. Avebe implemented 3 modules of IBP: IBP for Sales & Operations, Response & Supply and Demand. The result?

Integrated Business Planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning is a cloud-based solution for demand and inventory planning across the supply chain based on SAP S/4HANA. It is designed to achieve integrated, unified planning where all parts of the supply chain can be aligned.

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