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The intelligent software for a more profitable production process

Organizations are constantly looking for new ways to produce more profitably while continuing to meet changing customer demand. The production manager is under pressure: he must increase production to meet the schedule, and minimize down-time due to breakdowns. In this blog, Jurgen de Jong and Wouter Vervoort talk about how to use SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (SAP MII) get a grip on failures in the production process and thus work more efficiently.

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving into an intelligent industry. At Quinso, we help companies take the next step toward becoming that even smarter manufacturer. We do this based on three pillars: technology, people and processes. What opportunities does digitization offer? How do you move your people? What new business models are out there? And even what you can learn from nature in that. Connecting the shopfloor to the topfloor is also part of this intelligence effort. Collecting and properly analyzing data plays an essential role in this.

The failures and their solutions

Data provide insight into failures. We list the three most common failures for you, including SAP MII’s intelligent solution, which allows you to maximize production capacity.

  1. Machine failure
    A machine can shut down due to technical failure. With SAP MII, it is immediately clear where the failure is. The operator knows where to go and how to fix the fault. By preparing an instruction after each initial failure and entering it into the system, the next failure can be resolved quickly.
  2. Equipment failure
    A roll of tape that keeps jamming, or packaging material that has stuck, we can track thanks to the MII solution. Again, on his screen, the operator immediately sees where he needs to be to fix the fault.
  3. Logistical failure
    Operators having to wait minutes for material. Costly waste of time. Thanks to vertical integration (between shop and topfloor), the entire process is recorded, and intelligence analyzes what the real problem is.

Benefits of SAP MII

With MII, you can produce reports at lightning speed and at any time based on the most up-to-date data, and thus make analyses. All results in one clear dashboard. With these insights, you can integrate the shop floor and top floor to the maximum to increase efficiency. You will see that with that, the number of production errors decreases and downtime and outages decrease. The result? Lower production costs and improved production quality.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about how to get more profit out of your production process with SAP MII? Do you want to develop into an Intelligent Manufacturer who smartly anticipates industry developments to grow his business?

In the webinar ‘3 practical examples for more profit from your production process, ‘Wouter and Jurgen cover the top 3 they encounter on a daily basis. They show in what ways MII supports you to deal with this:

  1. Preventing or quickly resolving malfunctions
  2. Integrating all, production-related, software solutions
  3. Making processes flow smoothly into one another

The expertise built up by Quinso means that we are uniquely capable of helping you, as we did at Midocean , Oerlikon, Supertape and Hunter Douglas. Together with them, we developed intelligent logistics concepts, using SAP MII. The result? Production capacity increased and as a result they now set the industry standard!


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